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Hello hello, nice to meet you! We are Manina Pașcan (also known as Manina Pizza) & Jakub Žďárský! Before we continue, we need to get to know each other a bit more to make sure this fit is the right one. Don’t worry, we'll start. Keep scrolling. 😉

We are a duo of creatives and at the same time we form a couple. It's a great feeling when you know you're not alone and always have your partner by your side. Our relationship and love for what we do is a great link and at the same time a drive that constantly moves us forward.

YOU'N'ME as a brand worked from our beginnings, we just didn't perform under one brand for a long time.

Our whole concept is that both of us either have projects we work on as individuals and, in addition, projects that we work on together or in groups of several people.

Besides being work buddies, we also love going on spontaneous trips, to any kind of destination when we just pack our things and don’t know what to expect. We are big foodies and enjoy playing our vinyl record player.

Jakub Žďárský

Manina Pașcan


• 25 years old aries

• addicted to ice cream

• IT management student

• is obsessed with technology

• music playing in the background 24/7

• "almost" fluent in romanian


• 22 years old virgo

• would eat pizza all day every day

• skincare & make-up hoarder

• photography art school graduate

• will want to pet your dog

• originally from Romania


just like gin & tonic

Souls dont meet by accident

We first saw each other in 2013, when Manina moved from Romania (Sighetul Marmatiei to be precise) to the Czech Republic (Liberec). It seems like a lifetime ago, but we both used to be latin and ballroom dancers at the same club. Even though we never danced together, we both had our own dance partner. We would run into each other on a daily basis but never really spoke.

UNTIL!!! One day, we both bought our cameras to practice, which started our first conversation ever. We were hanging out as friends for a long time, walking around with our cameras and taking pictures.

Then one thing led to another, we discovered we not only share our love for cameras but also for Arctic Monkeys, Italian food and Disney movies and the rest was history. Our passions brought us together.

Fun fact: we don't actually know how long we've been together, because we don't know when we turned our friendship into a relationship, it just kinda happened.

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